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"Tell It To Toodles"

Judy Kauffman, '59

The "Ann Landers" of the Opinion

We all remember the "Opinion" newspaper. It's still out there. The official publication from the students of Peoria High. A school newspaper where students could learn real journalism. At one point it had many students on the staff reporting the schools happenings. I guess you could say it is a lost art. The Opinion is still alive but only by the efforts of Tracy Riebel and a few other staff at Peoria High.


The Opinion could be considered a vehicle of change at Peoria High. It has been published for many years. The Opinion was around before the 1900's. A few copies are out there on the internet. So what could be a better name for a High School newspaper...The Opinion! Over the years there have been many articles and columns. But this one is special. In the days of Ann Landers, the opinion offered what was sometimes needed just to help some get past an issue. Maybe something nobody had ever thought of to solve the problem. Just advocate for the students that passes on what she hears and considers a good topic of discussion with the teachers and administration.  The Peoria High answer to Ann Landers....? Enter Judy Kauffman, Class of '59....aka "Toodles". I guess you could say the role of "Toodles" sparked Judy on to a more professional role in helping people deal with what curve balls life would throw at them. This article is from the 1996 PHS All-School Reunion program. We are lucky to have captured some of the stories during that time. Read Judy's comments below and enjoy....I think we need another Toodles!

Toodles PHS Opinion.jpg

Here is "Toodles" (Judy's) last Opinion Article in May 1959.  Finally the students at PHS would find out who "Toodles" really was!

Judy Kauffman Toodles.jpeg

One of the "Toodles" articles in the Opinion on February 6, 1959

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