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The Peoria High School Marching Band

The PHS Marching Band has been a staple at events and ceremonies playing their music.  It has been led by outstanding teachers of music.  A 1978 graduate, I always remember the band and how hard they worked to put on those performances.  It takes a lot of focus and effort to march and play a musical instrument plus make the right formation on the field on cue.  The legendary music teacher and Band Director Herb Stoskopf led the band for many years.  He served as the band director at Peoria High School from 1954 until his retirement in 1987. His influence extended beyond the classroom, as he also taught trumpet at Bradley University and played in the Peoria Symphony Orchestra for 35 years.  Mr Stoskopf was an Army veteran, serving as a musician with the 5th Army Band at Fort Sheridan.  So you know...he knew how to march...and play a musical instrument at the same time.  Enjoy this article by Tracy Riebel, '86 on our PHS Band.  Bill

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