Peoria High School Alumni Association Officers

Kate Neumiller-Schureman '86
Vice President 
Mike Lawless '64
Susan Schonewise Leighty '68
Ken Pope '63
Office Administrator 
LaVerne Wilson '63
Legal Counsel
Tim Swain '57
Administrative Representative
Annette Taylor Coleman '87 PHS Principal
Faculty Representative
Tracy Riebel '87
Chuck Gabbert '75
Ron Givens '67
Dick McCormack '60
Sissy Portman McCormack '60
Jan Mueller '63
Randy Neff '78
Chuck Neumann '64
Sara Stout Ridley '04
Bill Robertson  '78
Sandy Leman Schepke '67
Carol Hudson Sleeth '64

Contact us for interest in becoming
a board member at 682-4854. We are also looking for mentors for our PHS Students, particularly in the Fine Arts Program. Also talking with the students about life skills and career ideas by sharing your experiences.