Athletic Hall of Fame 2015 Next AHF in 2023

In May 2015 the PHSAA inducted the following teams and individuals into our PHS Athletic Hall of Fame.
A catered luncheon was held in their honor at our PHS Foyer. We look forward to future unductees.

2003-2004 Boys Basketball Team
Lacretia Carroll '99 Track & Field
Dave Holden '64 Tennis
Kelly Hubert '87 Girls Basketball
Doug Ivers '63 Tennis
Shaun Livingston '04 Boys Basketball
Jack Lulay '55 Official Referee
Bill Morton '79 Baseball
Daniel Ruffin '03 Boys Basketball
Barbara Rula, Coach
Ron Sell, Coach
1987 Track Team 800 Meter Relay
2002  4 X 100 Track Team