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PHS Athletic Hall of Fame Selection in Fall of 2023

The Peoria High School Alumni Association Athletic Hall of Fame Committee will be accepting nominations for selection.  A form will soon be available at this site for you to print and return to the Alumni Office with substantiating documentation for consideration for selection.  Nominees are only considered 10 years and beyond after graduation.  Nominations will be accepted with a postmark no later than 31 May 2023.  The Committee will meet in the Fall to select the inductees.  Please see the selection criteria below.   Form will be available soon....we're on it!

Selection Process

Peoria High School Athletic Hall of Fame Criteria

I.  Selection will be considered along the following guidelines:

a.  Athlete - Minimum of ten years after graduation

b.  Team - Minimum of ten years after graduation

c.  Coach - Out of coaching or retired a minimum of three years

II.  Athletic nomination will be considered as a result of any of the following:

a.  Selection to an All-State or All-American team

b.  If an individual received a medal for individual performance in the IHSA Finals he/she is eligible for the PHS Hall of Fame

c.  Top-level collegiate or professional player status as a player

d.  State and medal winner in an individual sport

e.  All-American recognition

f.  Accomplishments in major athletic competition

g.  Emphasis shall be placed on exhibition of good sportsmanship, leadership and integrity by the athlete as criteria for membership in the Hall of Fame

III.  Team nomination should be a result of any of the following:

a.  Should have finished in the top four teams in a State Tournament series

b.  State- or Nationally- ranked team

c.  Athletic teams should have achieved success at the varsity level as so determined by the selection committee.  Examples may include:

1.  Undefeated season

2.  Conference Champions

3.  State Champions

IV.  Coach/Nomination should be a result of the following:

a.  Win/Loss Record- Length of coaching career- success of teams

b.  Emphasis should be placed on a selection of a coach who has set an example by his or her personal conduct, leadership and integrity

c.  Should have made significant contribution to Peoria High School athletics as a coach or earned recognition at the state of national level, as determined through the Athletic Hall of Fame section process

Revised 1/22/08

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