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Distinguished Alumni 2021

Mark Bills, Class of 1964
Mark Bills Airborne Ranger, Green Beret and member of Special Forces, served as counter-intelligence-gathering missions deep behind enemy lines as Captain and team leader. Mark's service earned him many commendations including Purple Hearts a Silver, Star, and Bronze Stars with V for Valor.  He then returned to college and dental school and has a dental practice. (2021)
Susan Cooley, Class of 1960
Susan Cooley Fargo served eight consecutive terms in the Massachusetts State Senate where she served as Chair of the Public Health Committee and co-chair of Elderly Affairs.  Prior to her state service, Susan was a town selectperson and Editor-in-Chief fo the weekly Lincoln Journal.  Susan began her career as a middle school teacher. (2021)
Daniel Little, Class of 1967
Daniel Little, Ph.D, a leader in higher education, has served as chancellor at University of Michigan-Dearborn adn vice resident of academic affairs at Bucknell as well as having taught at numberous universities.  An active rresearcher in philosophy of social science, he has published many books, articles, and a blog.  Serving on many boards, professional associations, he has been recognized and honored as a leader in racial equality and economic development. (2021)
Thomas W. Walsh, Class of 1964
Tom Walsh as partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers worldwide served as an assurance partner and as a leader in insurance.  He has served as the audit committee chair for several institutions including the Armed Forces Benefit Association.  Civic and charitable activities are a core of Tom's live as he volunteered in many non-profits including Ronald McDonald House, soup kitchens, homeless organizations, and Youth for Tomorrow. (2021)

Gold Lion Luncheon
October 1, 2022
Distinguished Alum were honored


Watch for info
on the Oct 2024
Gold Lion Luncheon

Look for the new class of Distinguished PHS Graduates in October 2024!

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