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Every Month is a Reunion- Place TBD!


Bill Davies and his wife Becky have it right! They are the planners for the regular social meetings of their classmates. The first Friday of every month. The Class of 1961 still finds time to meet monthly to talk about family, current events, sports, travel, and most importantly the great times at Peoria High.


Bill sends out pictures of the meetings to his classmates encouraging others to join in the fun. We at the Alumni Association are happy to see Alumni connecting long after graduating. Networking can be fun. We wholeheartedly encourage it. Bill said, "The attendance has been from 10 to 14 which is a good setup for reservations, most places can handle a group of 14. To change things around a little I started to send out some Grade School pictures from K through 8 of different schools that we had attended - White, Calvin Coolidge , Franklin, and Whittier and others. Hey we're out there trying to have fun!"


We also would love to hear from other classes that have regular get togethers. Bill and Becky deserve a standing ovation for working to keep Class of '61 Alumni engaged. Where will they meet next? Congratulations to '61. "Once a Lion, Always a Lion!"


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