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A Day Many PHS Students Will Not Forget
A Look Back at May 1, 1973

It was towards the end of another school year when chaos broke out behind Peoria High School, at the corner of Ellis and Richmond St right outside the gates from Herke Field.  I've had a few Alumnus ask me about that story.  I remember it well as my father was Principal at Peoria High.  I have vivid memories of him coming home that day.  All he wanted was every student and teacher in both schools not get hurt that day.  The kids at St Cecilia were terrified as these three gunman had broken into the school after robbing Brown's Sporting Goods downtown.  The Police arrived quickly and the scenario played out.  I can remember as a Freshman at Peoria High a year after the shootout the bullet holes had not been repaired on the buildings.  I can imagine all who were there still have a vivid memories of that day.  


Attached are some links back to a few stories from Peoria Magazine, You Gotta See This! (video)  and the Peoria Journal Star.

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