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About Peoria High School

Mission Statement of the Principal

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the principal of my alma mater, Peoria High School.  My experiences as a student at PHS were both memorable and foundational for my future.  As a graduate of Bradley University ('92 and '99), Western University ('14) and Aurora University ('16), I feel PHS prepared me to succeed academically.  It is now my role to afford this great opportunity to our current students with the goal of them, too, paying it forward as future alumni.  Peoria High School has a rich tradition of excellence, and I am proud to be a part of "The Pride of the City."



Annette Coleman '87

Professional Experience:
Kingman Primary School; Teacher
Manual High School; Dean
Kingman Primary School; Principal
Lincoln Middle School; Principal
Glen Oak Primary School; Principal
Peoria High School; Assistant Principal
phs school 2011.jpg
Our History
phs school 2011.jpg

This Peoria High's original building was built in 1916 which makes it 106 years old this year.  The staff has tried to incorporate this history in some of their activities and class room formats.  The architect was Frederic Klein, who built many other familiar buildings in the Peoria area such
as the Madison and Palace Theatres. The actual origin of PHS was 1856. Click below to go to WTVP's History of Peoria High School.

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