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About Peoria High School

Shaun McGinnes
Meet Peoria High School's Principal


Being a Peoria native, I'm truly grateful for the chance to keep giving back to the community that shaped me. From my days at Woodruff High School ('04) to Western Illinois University ('10) and Illinois State University ('22), I've been on a journey of learning and growth. Over the years, I've worn many hats at Peoria High, starting as a volunteer coach and working my way up to teacher, coach, and assistant principal. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of our students' needs and dreams. Now, I'm excited to lead Peoria High School into a future filled with learning, support, and endless possibilities.



Shaun McGinnes

Professional Experience:

Dunlap High School - Teachers Aide

Peoria High School - Teachers Aide

Peoria High School - Social Studies Teachers

Peoria High School - Assistant Head Football Coach

Peoria High School - Head Wrestling Coach

Peoria High School - Assistant Principal

phs school 2011.jpg
Our History
phs school 2011.jpg

The current location of Peoria High was built in 1916 which makes it 107 years old this year.  The staff has tried to incorporate this history in some of their activities and class room formats.  The architect was Frederic Klein, who built many other familiar buildings in the Peoria area such as the Madison and Palace Theatres. The actual year of origin of PHS was 1856. Click below to go to WTVP's History of Peoria High School.

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